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Rock installation doesn’t have to be difficult. We are here to make your landscaping as easy and pain free as possible.

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Rock Installation in Tampa Bay

Caught Between a Rock and a Hard Place?

If you add rocks to your landscaping, it can provide eye-catching design and plant protection, but it can be a pain to lug stones around. Do it once and do it right. We provide rock installation in any landscape. We are here to install your rocks so you don’t have to.

Safety First with Rock Installation

While rocks can be a modern and sleek element design to add to your landscape, they can also be hazardous to install. However, we make sure safety comes first. Here’s some of the ways that we make sure you don’t get hurt from improper rock installation.


Level the Rock

We won’t let anyone get a twisted ankle on our watch. To prevent injuries, we check if your ground is level to make sure the rocks are steady and even before rock installation. We do this so rocks won’t topple or wobble when people are walking near or around them.


Create an Overflow Area

An overflow area is a space that acts as a buffer between you and potential misplaced rocks. Over time and weather, rocks will erode and pebbles will be swept away. An overflow area gives a space for debris to fall without getting the way of people, pets, and lawnmowers.

Safety First With Rock Installation

Rock Installations in Your Landscape

If you want rocks in your landscaping, consider how you want to use them. With all the varying colors, sizes, and textures, adding rocks is completely customizable to your wants and needs. Below are some of the ways you can incorporate rocks into your lawn and garden.

Rock Installation to Edge Flower Beds

Edging Flower Beds

The various styles and sizes of rocks can be a great design choice to outline your flower beds. By edging your flower beds, it gives your garden a clean cut look. Try larger rocks for a bold contrast between your flower beds and the path or grass. To make your flower beds standout try using a bright color like the bright red of terracotta or lava rocks.
Rock Installation to Edge Flower Beds
Rock Installation to Build Rock Gardens

Build Rock Gardens

Give your landscape versatility with texture and design by installing a rock garden. Not only are they modern in design, but they are also low maintenance. Additionally, rock gardens are a perfect complement to any tropical landscape or to stand out on their own. If you’re interested in our other garden services or other garden design ideas, check out our garden design page.
Rock Installation as a Mulch Alternative

Mulch Alternative

Consider switching out your wood mulch for rocks. The primary benefit of using rock over wood is water loss prevention. Due to the shade that rocks provide, it lowers the temperature of the soil underneath. Without the extra heat, water does not evaporate as easily. The shade will also keep your plants’ roots cool, which is especially helpful in the Florida heat. By substituting rocks for mulch, your plants will thrive with the soil’s increased water retention.

Rock Installation as a Mulch Alternative
Rock Installation to Protect Plants

Protect Plants

Whether and wherever you decide to use rocks in your landscaping, one way you can use rocks in your landscaping is to protect your plants. Rocks are a natural deterrent from animals, bugs, and any other critters that want to cause your plants harm. Adding rocky cover to your garden can also reduce weeds. The shade of the rocks block sunlight from penetrating through which can reduce your weed growth. Rock installation can also protect your plants from the elements. Due to their solid and sturdy nature, rocks can also prevent soil erosion and block out wind.

Types of Rocks for Rock Installation

There are many types of rocks available to decorate your landscape. Choosing the right one depends on the function and aesthetic you have in mind for your project. Below we have compiled a detailed list of the wide variety of options you can choose from.


Rock Installation in Tampa Bay


A versatile rock, granite is available in crushed and decomposed forms. Depending on your project, crushed granite might be more durable, but decomposed form is cheaper. For pathways or other walkways granite is a great choice. The natural colors of dark gray, tan, or brown make these rocks best for natural landscapes.


The small size of pebbles is their standout feature. They can make a suitable mulch substitute for flower beds and can easily fill divots or eroded areas to provide evenness. Another key feature to note is the various colors of pebbles. The natural tones of beach pebbles add warmth. But for bold contrast try completely black or bright white pebbles.

River rocks

These smooth stones are a perfect choice for those looking for a calming, tranquil landscape. They are available in a variety of natural colors and sizes. As the name suggests, these are a great option for any water feature. You can also use river rocks as a mulch alternative.

Rock Installation in Tampa Bay


Gravel is a very common landscaping additive. To maximize water conservation, alternate gravel with larger rocks. Gravel is also a good choice for drought resistant plants and coastal gardens. A popular type of gravel for keeping intruders at bay is pea gravel. Due to its small size, you’re bound to hear the gravel slip under someone’s feet if they try to sneak in.Pea gravel is also inexpensive and available in different colors.


These rocks are not only good for decorating landscaping, but also good for soil too as they deteriorate. Limestone neutralizes acid, so as it decomposes it can raise your soil’s pH level. This could improve soil structure and help maintain plant health. Limestone is also primarily composed of calcium. As it deteriorates, your soil will absorb the calcium and strengthen your plants’ cell walls. In crushed form, it is one of the most versatile rocks in construction and landscaping.
Rock Installation in Tampa Bay

Lava Rocks

If you’re looking for a unique rock to make your modern landscape standout try lava rocks. These lava-made stones are available in black or red. They are also lightweight, good for water retention, and protect against bugs and weeds. Lava rocks also assist with plants’ root growth as the rocks break down due to its supply of basalt.
Rock Installation in Tampa Bay


If you’ve ever walked on a path you’ve probably heard of flagstones. Common in paths and other walkways, their square and flat shapes make them easy to create an even layer or solid structure. To increase durability, lay these stones over concrete.
Rock Installation in Tampa Bay
Rock Installation in Tampa Bay
Rock Installation in Tampa Bay
Rock Installation in Tampa Bay

Other Rocks for Rock Installation

While the rocks listed above are the most common, don’t limit your creativity to those stones if you feel none of them suit your needs. Other stones that can be used in your landscaping project include:

Large Stones

While smaller stones are more versatile, large stones can stand alone as a design feature or mix with other smaller stones to create variety

Salt and Pepper Rocks

These river rocks have a unique black and white coloring. They can be a unique and elegant addition to any rock bed, water feature, garden or more.

White Marbles

These little pebbles can add a bright contrast to shaded areas or make darker plants stand out

Why Rock Installation Rocks

Once you’ve picked your rocks and called us to install them for you, you and your landscape can begin to enjoy its benefits. Your landscape will awe and delight visitors with its various contrasts and textures.

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