Sod Installation

There’s more to sod than meets the eye. Here’s a look at everything you need to know about transforming your space with beautiful, high-quality sod.

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Sod Installation in Tampa Bay

What Even is Sod Installation ?

Sod is a sheet or layer of grass that is still attached to a thin amount of its root. Typically, it’s organized into palettes that can easily be transported and rolled onto any space. Sod installation is an especially popular option among Florida homeowners because Florida’s soil is notoriously, well, bad.

Florida soil leaves a lot to be desired: it’s not nutrient-rich, but it is full of sand, making it difficult for most plants or trees to take root and receive all of the nutrients they need in order to thrive. With that said, choosing great sod that will thrive on your property is by no means impossible.

Let’s Talk About Sod

How can you even start evaluating and selecting sod for your property? There are various types of sod that you can choose from (though some tend to do better in Florida’s climate than others). Generally speaking, the types of sod that do best in Florida have a few crucial traits in common. This includes:


Doing well when surrounded by saltwater in the soil and salt in the air, which are a given since Florida is a penninsula


Able to withstand a lot of sunshine


Being fast-growing


Able to do well both with large influxes of rain (as is the case in Florida’s summertime wet season) and with prolonged periods without rain (which tends to be the case in the winter).

We’re going to take a closer look at the resilient yet beautiful types of sod that most Florida homeowners tend to turn to when making their selections.

Sod Installation in Tampa Bay

Types of Sod

There are dozens of varieties of sod out there, and all of them come with their own unique visual qualities, maintenance needs, and quirks that can add a great deal of character to a property (and, of course, a great deal of work to your gardening regimen).

Four Varieties of Sod Tend to be the Most Successful in Florida Weather


Bermuda Sod Installation
A tried-and-true favorite among Florida natives, Bermuda grass is a great choice for those looking for a low-maintenance option. This grass, beloved by those who are busy (or who just aren’t big fans of gardening) is super resistant to weeds, drought, and wear and tear.

Bermuda Grass Pros

It won’t require you to spend hours coaxing it back to life after a drought, nor will it give way to weeds that you have to tear out every other month.


Bermuda Grass Cons

Because this resilient grass is so fast-growing, you’ll have to mow your lawn pretty often. It’s also difficult to tame, so if you’re looking for a precisely manicured landscape, it may give you a run for your money.


Bahia Sod Installation
Named after the Bahia region of Brazil to which it is native, this tropical grass is no stranger to tropical environments. On the same token, it does just fine when the temperature cools down, making it a super versatile option for any part of the Sunshine State

Bahia Grass Pros

Those who have Bahia grass tend to be super happy with it: it’s beautiful, super weather-resilient, and it does perfectly fine under a great deal of foot traffic and wear and tear.


Bahia Grass Cons

Despite its resilience, Bahia grass tends to sprout quite a few weeds. It’s also very fast-growing, requiring weekly mowing in order to stay under control.

St. Augustine Floratam Grass

St. Augusting Floratam Sod Installation
Here we’ve got the widespread favorite among new and seasoned Florida homeowners alike: St. Augustine Foratam grass. This is the grass type you’re most likely to have heard of, and for good reason: it’s got that signature true-green hue that comes to mind when you think of the Sunshine State.

St. Augustine Foratam Grass Pros

It’s super drought tolerant, grows incredibly fast, and does perfectly well around high salt concentrations. Bonus? Though it thrives in heat, it does just as well during the random two-week winters we see each year.


St. Augustine Foratam Grass Cons

Because this grass is so fast-growing, it’ll require pretty regular care in order to remain in ship shape.

Palmetto St. Augustine Grass

Palmetto St. Augusting Sod Installation
This popular choice definitely deserves a shoutout for your Florida lawn. The lush green color and rich texture is a great addition to any yard or landscape, and this native version of St. Augustine grass could be the right fit for your home.

Palmetto St. Augustine Grass Pros

If you choose this grass for your landscaping there are many benefits that come along with it. As mentioned, it has a vibrant emerald green color, which is sure to increase your home’s curb appeal. It is also extremely drought tolerant. It’s able to withstand little to no water for up to two months! It is also shade friendly if your yard doesn’t have a lot of sun.


Palmetto St. Augustine Grass Cons

As always, with the pros, there are cons. For one, this grass easily attracts bugs, especially chinch bugs. It also grows quickly, so you’ll need to mow more frequently. You’ll need to be on top of your summer maintenance to keep your grass healthy.


Zoyosa Sod Installation
This underdog definitely deserves a spot on our shortlist. Though it’s not as much of a household name as Bermuda grass, for example, it’s super popular among in-the-know Florida landscapers and professionals.

Zoysia Grass Pros

A golf course favorite, Zoysia grass has a level of wear-and-tear resilience that would be tough to beat. It’s also extremely resilient against disease, drought, and sun deprivation. Speaking of which: low-maintenance is the name of the game here, so if you’re looking to spend minimal time on landscaping, this is the best choice.


Zoysia Grass Cons

Though it does super well without a ton of sun or water, this grass does tend to halt growth if temperatures dip below the 70s, so it may not be a great option for those living in the northern half of Florida.

Where Do You Start?

All of the options above (and the fact that they’re just the tip of the iceberg) can feel a little overwhelming if you’re trying to figure out which type of sod is the best for your space. Luckily, with information comes power, and you’ve got a great deal of it at your fingertips. Here’s how we recommend going about sod selection so that everything goes as smoothly as possible:


Know what you want. Are you passionate about gardening, or do you want to spend as little time on your landscaping as possible? Do you have the budget for a professional landscaper to keep your space perfect, or will you be doing most of the work yourself? By realistically outlining your wants and needs, you’ll know where to start.


Does it stop at sod? Is this sod installation part of a massive landscaping project, or are you just sprucing up your grass? Decide what you want out of this process to decide how to move forward.


Speak to a professional. The best advice you can get is the kind that’s given with your unique needs in mind. Speak to a landscaping expert who can help you figure out that’s best for your design wants and lifestyle needs.

How Progressive Makes a Difference

At Progressive, we’re not just experts in sod–we’re landscaping experts, too. Whether you’re just refreshing your sod or doing a large-scale landscape renovation, we’ll help you decide what’s best for your property.

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