8 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes that Decrease Home Value

8 Biggest Landscaping Mistakes that Decrease Home Value

Landscaping features are a great way to add value to your home. However, many landscaping features can result in some of the biggest landscaping mistakes that will take value away from your home. By keeping your eyes open for these common mistakes, you can augment the value of your home.

1. Letting Complacency Set In

It’s too common for homeowners not to have enough time to handle all the landscaping jobs that pile up. It’s easy to see a job that needs to be done but not have the time, people, or space to do it. If this happens to you, it’s very much imperative to get help to keep minor problems from turning into huge issues that will cost time and money you don’t have to fix.

2. Focusing Only on Appearance

Homeowners who consider only how landscaping affects the appearance of their home and not how the landscaping flourishes and develops have a silent problem growing without noticing. Landscaping elements may look nice but be improperly kept, growing wrong, falling apart, or otherwise surprising homeowners because although it looked good initially, it was not done the right way.

3. Installing a Fence Hastily

Fences that are installed quickly might be installed in the wrong place, overtaking property lines or causing problems with utilities. If a fence needs to go up fast, it’s better to use a temporary one that you later replace with a well-thought-out fence that fits your landscaping needs.

4. Overlooking Hedges

Hedges can quickly grow out of control if people don’t keep an eye on them. If hedges aren’t trimmed often enough, they can grow wildly, taking over walkways, cracking paving stones, and causing damage to your landscaping. Keeping your hedges under control will solve problems before they can develop.

5. Girdling Trees

Girdling trees happens when a vine, sticker, string, wire, or other kinds of rope are tied around a tree too tightly, and the tree bulges around the tourniquet. Frequent checking to ensure this doesn’t happen can keep the tree from being starved of nutrients and becoming brittle, malformed, or dead.

6. Failing to Prune

Failing at pruning can include pruning at the wrong time, under pruning, or over-pruning. For instance, failing to recognize that shrubs are budding could result in pruning blooms before they can produce beautiful flowers. You must also prune shrubs in specific shapes and places to encourage them to grow and not become sick or unbalanced.

7. Purchasing Small Plants Expecting Them to Stay Small

When buying a plant, it’s crucial to know its mature size. Otherwise, it’s all too easy for the plant to outgrow the place it was planted. This can lead to roots cracking foundations, overshading other plants, or causing further damage and dismay to your lawn.

8. Mowing Incorrectly

Although it seems too easy to mow your lawn, it is possible to prune it wrong, hurting it and its growth. To trim your lawn correctly, make sure you:

Mow when the grass is dry
Keep your blades sharp
Leave clippings on your lawn

Getting Help Preventing and Fixing Mistakes

These are just a few of the biggest landscaping mistakes that can crop up naturally, snaking in under your nose without you realizing beforehand. The great news is that they can be fixed, even if you don’t have enough time to do it. So if you need an extra hand to do the little fix-it landscaping jobs, contact us to discuss how we can help.

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