Dog-Friendly Landscaping Trends that Your Pup Won’t Destroy

Dog-Friendly Landscaping Trends that Your Pup Won’t Destroy

You don’t have to choose between having a beautiful yard and a happy pup. Your outdoor spaces are meant to be enjoyed by every member of your family, and that includes the four-legged members, too! Whether you want a low-maintenance space that isn’t dug up by Spot every other day or just want to grow a garden unperturbed by overzealous dog munches, we’ve got you covered with tried-and-true landscaping tips that give you the best of both words. Let’s get started.

Be Strategic with Your Barriers

Maybe you want to make sure that your dog doesn’t snatch up your tomatoes before they get a chance to fully ripen, or maybe you finally want to plant some onions without risking harm to your furry best friend. Regardless of your motivation for keeping your garden separate from your pups, doing so is probably a good idea–and it doesn’t have to be an eyesore.

The most effective way to keep your dogs out of your garden is to build a barrier around it. Of course, that might jeopardize your ability to use the garden as a decorative element in your yard, right? Not necessarily?

If you have a smaller dog, you don’t necessarily need to barricade your garden–simply keep it out of reach. You can do this by installing raised beds that are decorated with tile or stone that match the rest of your exterior decor to guarantee cohesiveness. For homes with bigger dogs, consider installing a smaller fence around your garden that matches or complements the privacy fence around your yard. This will help to make the decision feel cohesive and intentional as opposed to just functional.

Give them a Path to Walk

Dogs don’t just love running aimlessly around your yard on walk breaks; they also like to protect their territory. If you like the look of a lush green lawn in your backyard and don’t want to cover it all up with pavers–but also want to avoid torn-up paths caused by your pup’s constant pacing and digging–consider installing a man-made path.

Dogs love to habitually walk along paths that make them feel vigilant and in control of their territory. By installing a path for your pup, you’ll give them the satisfaction of running surveillance without having to sacrifice your property’s curbside appeal. Consider installing beautifully spaced stone or ceramic paths that go with the rest of the space’s decor. They won’t just help to protect your grass; they’ll help to elevate your space (and prevent the humans who live in your house from doing damage to the lawn, too).

Research Before Planting

Be careful about the plants that are installed on your property and always make sure that new additions aren’t toxic to your dogs before having them installed. Although they can be visually appealing, the following plants aren’t the best for your pup’s well-being:

Lily of the valley
Autumn crocus
Japanese yew
Sago palms
By avoiding these plants, you’ll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing that playtime is toxin-free.

Invest in Damage-resistant Grass

Your dog will have to go to the bathroom, and that can definitely cause some significant grass damage over time, regardless of how diligent you are about cleanups and maintenance. For that reason, it could be a good idea to invest in a grass type (or alternative) that’s more resistant to dog-related wear and tear. The best grass types for dog-friendly homes are Bermuda grass and St. Augustine grass. You can also look into grass alternatives, like Irish moss and creeping thyme, that tend to do much better than regular grass with bathroom time.

Work with a Professional

Ultimately, the best kind of landscaping you can get to protect your space from dog-related wear while keeping your pup happy is the kind that’s done by a specialized professional. To learn more about dog-friendly landscaping options that make a difference, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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