Had a Tree Removed Recently? Here’s Why it’s Important to Remove the Leftover Stump

Had a Tree Removed Recently? Here’s Why it’s Important to Remove the Leftover Stump

Though a thorough tree removal should include the stump, sometimes it gets left behind. If you have a tree stump in your yard, you might be wondering if it’s worth the time and money to remove it. We’re here to tell you what happens if you don’t. Here are some of the reasons why you should remove that leftover stump from your yard.


One reason you should remove that tree stump from your yard is to increase your home’s curb appeal. A leftover stump sticks out of the ground like a sore thumb and can ruin your yard’s aesthetic. To bring beauty back to your yard, you can remove the decomposing tree stump for a cleaner, neater appearance.

Property Damage

If your tree stump isn’t easily visible, it could cause potential damage to weedwhackers, lawnmowers, and other lawn equipment. A leftover tree stump can also cause property damage if you don’t remove it. While the stump might be decaying, the roots could still grow underneath. This growth could cause cracks in your foundation, busted pipes, uneven pavements, and more.

Tripping Hazard

Along with damaging your property, a leftover stump could cause you or others harm. If you or someone else isn’t watching where they’re walking, they could potentially trip over the stump and injure themselves. The best way to protect yourself and others is to have the stump removed.

Attracts Pests

Another reason to remove your leftover stump is that it could attract pests to your yard. A decomposing stump has all the things pests are looking for in a nest. It’s dark, cool, and damp, perfect for a new home. Your leftover stump can house bugs, rodents, snakes, and other critters. If you notice more pests around your lawn than usual, try cutting them off at the source and removing the leftover tree stump.

Could Lead to Dead Grass

As a leftover stump attracts pests, those pests can also cause dead grass. If you notice patches, trails, or strips of dead grass, that can be from insects, rodents, or other pests tunneling underneath and feeding on the grass. If you want to check, you can try a soak test. To do this, you take a good amount of soapy water and pour it over an affected area. If anything crawls out, there is likely an infestation.

Dead grass can also be a side effect of the leftover stump’s decomposition process. As fungi decompose the stump, it takes up nitrogen from the ground and away from other surrounding plants that need it. When the stump is fully decomposed, it will return the nitrogen, but that could take years. The quickest way to restore your yard’s health is to remove the leftover stump.

How to Remove Your Leftover Stump

There are a few options available to remove your leftover stump. Each method depends on time, your environment, the type of tree stump you have, and the tools you have available. To remove your leftover stump you can try one of the following:

Accelerate Rotting:

You can use a nitrogen-rich chemical solution or salt to accelerate the rate of decomposition to remove your tree stump. However, this method will take the longest.


Burn the Stump:

A quicker method is to burn the stump with kerosene, but do not attempt this if there is dead grass nearby or the weather is dry


Manual Removal:

If your leftover tree stump is small or from a diseased tree, you might be able to remove the stump yourself with a shovel, axe, and some manpower. For larger tree stumps, you might need a different approach.

For the best results, and a method that works for any type of tree stump, we recommend hiring a professional stump grinding service. Stump grinding removes the top of the leftover stump until it is anywhere from four to sixteen inches below ground. That leaves you with a smooth surface and an opportunity to grow something new.

Effective and Efficient

A tree removal isn’t finished until the stump is removed. At Progressive Lawn and Landscaping, we offer professional stump grinding for efficient and effective stump removal. Our experts only use the most reliable equipment and provide quality service to help you achieve the landscape you want to see. Contact us for a free estimate on our stump grinding services.

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