How DIY Landscaping Projects Go South

How DIY Landscaping Projects Go South

DIY landscape projects are popular and attractive at a surface level. Seeing a video online of someone saying how easy it was can be tempting to believe. However, DIY landscape projects can go bad quickly, leaving you with an eyesore or a hazard and no warranty guaranteeing cleanup.

Not Enough Time

There’s never enough hours in a day it seems to get all our chores done, and this is especially true of DIY projects. The DIY recipe might say it will take 1 hour, but 4 hours later, you have a huge mess, you’re not sure how to fix it, and you’re starving to death.

Or maybe life interrupts, you have to pick up the slack somewhere else, and you find yourself without free time for the next few weeks. While this is normal, and not everyone has the time to do DIY projects, it can leave things unfinished and unsightly in your yard.

Amateurs Teaching DIYers

Filming and uploading a video to YouTube is straightforward enough that they teach it in grade school. While this is great, it also means that anyone can put a video up claiming to know what they’re doing. While most are benign and well-intentioned people who think they know what they’re doing but don’t, sometimes it’s malicious and designed to prank you. Either of these scenarios can leave you following instructions that would never work in the first place.

Lack of Knowledge

That DIY video you found on YouTube looks excellent and is taught by a certified builder, and the guy seems to walk you through each step of the way. So it can’t be that hard, right? But there are a huge variety of ways that the information the guy on YouTube might be steering you wrong.

Even if we assume he knows what he’s doing, what if there’s a component to your home, landscape, environment, or other that isn’t a concern for YouTube-Man, so he’s not acknowledging it? If you’re residing in the Tampa Bay Area and he’s in a vastly different part of America, the soil, humidity, rainfall, county bylaws, and more could be completely different, and you could go wrong without even realizing you did it.

What’s more, zoning rules, bylaws, work orders, and more must be obeyed to keep a landscaping project up to code. It may seem simple, but intricate details go into landscaping. We’ve seen the unfortunate aftermath, where the city is ordering a DIY landscaping feature be removed because it’s against code.

Keep Everything Aboveboard With Professionals

Ultimately, DIY projects can be hit or miss. The odd one will work out perfectly, or you might be stuck with a misshapen lump on your lawn that you don’t have time to fix. To ensure you get precisely what you want the first time, don’t hesitate to talk to professionals trained in the correct way to do it. Call us today to find out how we can make your idea a reality.

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