How Stump Grinding Works: How Progressive Lawn and Landscaping Removes Your Stump for Good

How Stump Grinding Works: How Progressive Lawn and Landscaping Removes Your Stump for Good

Don’t know how to get rid of that leftover stump? We can help with our stump grinding service. If you’ve never had to use a stump grinding service before, let our skilled team show you how stump grinding works to remove your leftover stump and restore your yard’s health. With our top-of-the-line equipment and tried-and-true method, we’ll have your yard looking better than ever.

Start with a Consultation

Before we begin stump grinding, we need to know the area we are working with. Once you contact us, we’ll come out to you to survey the area. At this time, we’ll note how many stumps we need to remove for you and any possible trees you want removed. Before we get to work, we also want to note and mark any underground utility lines that could get in the way. After we survey the area, we’ll give you a free estimate and work with you to reach the next step.

How Stump Grinding Works

After your initial consultation and estimate, we’re ready to start stump grinding. Our skilled team will come out to your yard with our top-of-the-line equipment and safety gear. Once we’re set up, we can begin stump grinding.

1. The first step to stump grinding is to make sure the area is safe. We move any furniture, toys, lawn, equipment, or any other yard items that might be an obstacle. Then we remove any debris like twigs, rocks, or anything else near the stump. During stump grinding, the debris could damage the equipment or fly up and hit the operator or someone else.

2. Once the area is clear, we use a chainsaw to level the stump as close to the ground as possible. This step reduces the amount of grinding and makes the job more efficient.

3. After we level the stump, we begin to use the stump grinder. A stump grinder is a special machine with a strong rotating blade. We lower this blade onto the stump and move it side-to-side, then back and forth to cut through the wood. As it grinds, it demolishes the stump by cutting stump into small pieces, turning it into mulch.

4. We continue grinding until the stump is below ground level. Depending on the size of the tree stump, this could be about four to sixteen inches deep. The further it is below ground, the fewer problems it can cause for you above ground.

5. Once we grind the stump down, we clean the area. If you’d like, we can save the leftover wood pieces and use them as mulch for your yard or combine them into the soil for extra nutrients.

6. With the hole filled, your yard is ready to grow something new. We can add sod or grass seed over the top, or help you decide on something new to add to your yard.

Dangers of DIY

While you can rent your own stump grinding equipment, we do not recommend it. Without the proper safety gear or knowledge of how stump grinding works, it can be very dangerous. The rotating blade of a stump grinder is meant to cut through solid wood, which means it can cut through almost anything. You could severely injure yourself or cut through a utility line. To keep yourself, your property, and others safe, your best option is to hire a professional.

How Stump Grinding Works to Benefit You

Unlike other stump removal methods, our professional stump grinding services don’t waste your time or money. Here’s how stump grinding works as the best option to efficiently and effectively remove your leftover stump.

Quick Removal

You don’t have to wait for the entire stump to decompose. Our stump grinding service can remove your stump now.

Restore Yard’s Health

Stump grinding removes the root source of pests, dead grass, and disease.

Easy Cleanup

You don’t need to worry about disposal. Since our stump grinding service grinds the stump into mulch, we clean it up for you.

Provide Nourishment

With the stump below ground, the root system can no longer take nutrients from other plants and provides nourishment instead.

A New Beginning for Your Yard

With your leftover stump gone, your yard has a smooth foundation to bring your landscape dreams to reality. Your yard is an extension of your home which is why you should trust a professional lawn and landscaping service to take care of it. Our experienced team is here to help you take care of your stump now and help you create what comes next. Contact us for your stump grinding consultation to see firsthand how stump grinding works to give your yard a new beginning.

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Your dream lawn is around the corner. Reach out to us to tell us what you’re looking for and rest assured that we’ll make it happen.