Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal with these Potted Plants

Improve Your House’s Curb Appeal with these Potted Plants

Don’t underestimate the impact of potted plants for curb appeal. Many homeowners think that, in order to make their front yard make an impact, they have to put a ton of time and money into large-scale landscaping or, at the very least, a full-on flower bed. The truth is that that’s not necessarily true: potted plants can be a relatively fast and easy way to transform your space, breathing new life into it without having to commit to a large-scale landscaping project. Ready to explore all of the possibilities that potted plants bring to your home? Let’s do it.

Why Potted Plants?

Unlike a dug-in flower bed or a few new trees, potted plants offer just about the most low-maintenance installation process you can get. Really, it’s as simple as determining how full you’d like your spaces to be, where you’d like to place them, and what kinds of plants you’d like to surround your outdoor space with (more on that in a second). For beginner gardeners who want to try their luck at keeping plants alive before committing to a more permanent setup, this is the perfect arrangement.

Potted plants are also a great fit for those who are passionate about decor, as the pots themselves offer an additional decorative element that you wouldn’t get with dug-in installation. You can make design decisions based on not just the colors and patterns of your pots, but on their widths and heights, as well (and how those dimensions impact the placements of your plants). Generally speaking, pots allow you to play with yet another creative element. With that said, how can you decide what the right plants are for you?

Low-maintenance Plants

If you’re a beginner gardener or are simply short on time, it’s a good idea to invest in resilient, low-maintenance plants that can do without hours’ worth of dedicated care every week. Some of our picks for beautiful yet easy-to-maintain potted plants include:

Snake plants, which can thrive with very little access to sunlight and without consistent watering.
Jade, whose pink tips add a beautiful pop of color but who can do pretty well as long as they get enough light (which is all but guaranteed here in the Sunshine State).
Aloe, which isn’t just easy to maintain but extremely practical for anything from scent infusions to summertime sunburns.
Daylilies, which can thrive year-round and add a beautiful yellow pop to your space without needing much water or sunlight.
Ghost plants, popular succulents that look like a cross between a rose and a cactus and can easily go weeks at a time without water.

High-maintenance (But Worth It!) Plants

If you’re ready to commit to a more extensive gardening regiment, these demanding plants will require a bit of TLC–but will make your home all the more beautiful for it.

Bonsai trees, which can instantly make your home feel like a distant escape but will require a great deal of care in order to thrive.
Fiddle-leaf figs, which are both lush and gorgeous (when given the proper maintenance) and can truly give your exterior space an oasis-like feel.
Orchids, widely accepted as one of the most beautiful flower types in the world, will give you a run for your money if you want to take advantage of their vibrant colors and unique shapes. You can’t beat their curbside appeal, though.
Crotons, which feature bold, colorful leaves that add a great deal of personality to any space (but that will require a ton of light, moisture, and trimming in order to grow healthily).
If you’re up for the challenge, installing any number of these potted plants will certainly make your yard stand out from its neighbors.

Make Your Potted Plants Last

Installation is the easy part; how can you make sure that your potted plants thrive within their relatively confined spaces? First and foremost, be very diligent about choosing the right pots for your plants. A good pot will have a drainage spot in the bottom so that any excess water can pass right through without drowning your plants. It’s also important to invest in plants with relatively short roots if longevity is the name of your game; otherwise, the pots will confine your plants and cause them to die eventually.

Be sure to do your research about the best soil to use depending on the types of plants you’re getting. Florida soil is notoriously inadequate, as it’s super sandy and nutrient-sparse, so it’s important to make sure that your plants are getting all of their nutritional needs.

Even the most low-maintenance plants require some love and care in order to thrive. Check on your plants at least weekly, and if you’re really looking to maximize their lifespans, consult with a landscaping professional about when it’d be a good idea to prune, trim, or potentially even de-pot them. With just the right amount of attention and diligence, your plants will give you a beautiful outdoor space that you’ll enjoy for a long time.

Curious about the potential of potted plants for curb appeal in your home? We’re here to help you brainstorm the perfect solution. Don’t hesitate to schedule a consultation with us to talk through your vision for your space.

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