Make the Most Of Your Front Yard with These Flower Beds

Make the Most Of Your Front Yard with These Flower Beds

One of the simplest–but most impactful–ways to elevate your front yard and give your curbside appeal a serious boost is by adding some flower beds to the area. The beauty of flower beds is that they can be as time-intensive or quick-and-easy as you’d like them to be. Depending on the flower bed layout you choose and the flowers that you plant, you can create yourself a beautiful mini-oasis that doesn’t require more than a few minutes of attention each week. Today, we’re taking a closer look at everything you need to know about successfully setting up and maintaining your front yard flower beds. Let’s get into it!

Don’t Underestimate Curbside Appeal

Recent studies show that curbside appeal can impact a home’s value by as much as 7%. A common misconception about curbside appeal among homeowners is that improving it requires a large investment of time, money, or both. The reality, however, is that there are plenty of smaller, less time-consuming things you can do to give your home’s first impression a boost–not the least of which is to add some brightness to the space in the form of a beautiful new flower bed.

Is There a Right Time to Start?

If we were in Montana or Minnesota, planting a garden in the frigid autumn might not be the best idea. Luckily, though Florida’s environment does present its own set of challenges to gardeners regardless of experience level, it’s no secret that the fall is actually a great time to plant a flower bed in the Sunshine State.

Florida autumns see temperatures start to cool down a little bit from summer’s three-digit highs. However, temperatures do remain mild enough that your plants are likely to grow relatively untried and unscathed. This doesn’t just make the fall a good time to plant a new flower bed–it makes it one of the best times! Due to Florida’s relatively mild falls and winters, it’s possible to plant a huge array of flowers any time of the year. However, because the fall sees higher amounts of daylight hours and warmer weather than the winter, the ideal time is definitely now.

Types of Flower Beds Explained

“Flower bed” may invoke some specific images in our mind’s eye, but it’s actually a pretty general term. The truth is that flower beds come in lots of different shapes and sizes, and the one you choose can have a big impact on the maintenance you can expect going forward. Here’s a look at some of the most common types of flower beds that you can choose from:

Dug in flower beds blend seamlessly into your grass, offering a more cohesive finish between the flowers and the rest of your yard. Because they require some digging, installation is more time- and labor-intensive.
Raised flower beds are popular among beginners because they’re relatively easy to both install and maintain, as they’re less susceptible to weeds and disease than their dug-in counterparts.
Border flower beds are so named because they act as a border between your lawn and another structure, like your house, a hedge, a fence, or a wall.
Island flower beds, on the other hand, have no borders and can be viewed from all sides.
When deciding what kind of flower bed is best, consider the layout of your property, how long you want the flower beds to last without changing them around, and how much time and effort you’re able (or willing!) to put into planting and maintaining.

Choosing the Right Soil

Florida soil is not naturally the most conducive to successful plant growth for a few reasons, including high salt and sand concentrations combined with an absence of key nutrients. For this reason, it’s a good idea to invest in nutrient-rich soil that’s specifically tailored to the types of flowers you’ll be planting. It’s also important to protect your soil by insulating it against weeds and disease with mulch or wood chips on top.

Planting the Right Seeds

Not every flower will thrive in Florida. If you want a flower bed that will last, you’ll need flowers that do well in warm weather, even if you’re not planting until the fall. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to look into either perennials (like hollyhocks, purple cone flowers, or butterfly weed) or tropical flowers (like birds of paradise, plumerias, or hibiscus).

The Basics of Flower Bed Maintenance

Flower beds are relatively small surface areas, so diligence is key if order to maintain your flowers’ health and aesthetic appeal. Here are some best practices to keep in mind as you look to your flowers’ future:

Plant flowers about 8 inches from each other to prevent weed growth
Apply mulch or wood chips on top of the soil to further protect against weeds and disease
Inspect the flowers and soil regularly (about once a week) for pests
Remove dying or decaying flowers as soon as you notice them
Water your plants regularly, especially during drier weather

How to Get Perfect Results

DIY flower bed installation and maintenance is definitely possible to carry out successfully, but the chances of getting perfect results are much higher when you work with an experienced professional. We recommend considering a professional landscaping company who can help you set up resilient flower beds that last through the year, regardless of the season. These pros will also be able to give you advice about placement, soil, design, and maintenance in order to set you up for success in the long run. At Progressive Lawn & Landscaping, our goal is to provide beautiful, sustainable landscaping solutions that our clients can enjoy for years to come.
Looking to transform your space with beautiful flower beds? We’d love to help you make that happen. Reach out to us to discuss your plans for your flower bed and to get a free quote on your flower bed installation.

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