When You Need to Install Sod to Avoid Dead Grass

When You Need to Install Sod to Avoid Dead Grass

There is nothing quite like enjoying a lawn full of green grass. Experiencing the Florida climate while taking in beautiful scenery can just put you in a better mood. However, maintaining a healthy lawn is not a simple task. It takes hard work, time, and effort to keep your lawn looking great all year long. Dead grass is not physically appealing, nor is it beneficial for your lawn’s well-being. If you want to avoid dead grass, sod installation can be the solution you need for a refreshed and vibrant lawn.

Why Should You Lay Sod and How Does Sod Help Prevent Dead Grass?

Sod, a rollable layer of already growing grass, can enhance and revitalize your lawn. Laying sod has many key benefits. Foremost, sod can withstand lots of sunshine and rain, which is ideal for Florida weather conditions.

Additionally, sod helps with maintaining ideal soil quality, including limiting erosion. Sod can also directly impact weed growth and reduce the number of weeds that grow in your lawn. Not only does sod have key health benefits for your lawn, but sod also makes your lawn more aesthetically pleasing. It gives new life to your lawn. Sod will help boost your curb appeal, and your lawn will be more inviting with green grass.

When Should I Install Sod?

Installing sod is not a task to rush. Plan carefully before laying a level of sod. Depending on your lawn’s needs, you can select different types of sod. Lawn conditions such as environment and climate should also be considered. Prepare the areas in which you plan to install sod ahead of time. This will make the experience less overwhelming. Before adding sod to those areas, ensure that you have enough healthy soil to support the sod.

We also recommend that you keep the new sod as cool as possible before installation. Simply placing it out of the sun or in the shade can help. Sod can be compromised if left in the heat, especially if it loses moisture. We advise that you install the sod within 24 hours after it is delivered.

While sod can be installed throughout the year in Florida, certain seasons are preferable. We recommend either spring or fall. If you install sod in the spring, this will give the new layer plenty of time to grow before the winter season. Laying a level of sod during the summertime is not a great idea, as the heat could negatively affect the sod’s growth. In the fall, the weather conditions are more ideal. Do not expect a lot of development during the winter season, especially if the temperatures are cold.

Frequent Mistakes When Installing Sod

When installing a layer of sod, there are certain mistakes to avoid. While watering the sod is critical to its growth, be careful not to overdo it. Too much water can be bad for the sod’s development. This does not mean you should not water it at all though. Lightly water the sod multiple times a week after installation, and eventually, you can water it less, especially if it is a rainy season.

Additionally, as enticing as it is to mow your lawn to enhance its appearance, we recommend that you wait at least a month after installation to mow it. Waiting to mow your lawn gives the sod ample time to start growing and developing. If you are using multiple rolls of sod, do not overlap them. This can cause areas of your lawn to look uneven but also be sure to install sod with no spaces between the rolls. Once your sod grows, you can enjoy a luscious green lawn!

How We Can Help

If you want a beautiful luscious lawn, we are here to help! At Progressive Lawn and Landscaping, we understand the challenges that come with maintaining and reviving a lawn. Dead grass can be an eyesore, and removing it can be a time-consuming job. Fortunately, with sod, you can improve your lawn’s look and its overall health. While the above tips are meant to be a foundation for when and why you should lay sod to avoid dead grass, you should contact us for professional guidance and assistance.

Our experienced team is full of passionate and knowledgeable landscapers who want to make your vision a reality. If you want help installing a layer of sod on your lawn, we have you covered. Contact a member of our team today for a free quote.

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Your dream lawn is around the corner. Reach out to us to tell us what you’re looking for and rest assured that we’ll make it happen.