Why DIY Stump Grinding isn’t Only Ineffective, it’s Dangerous

Why DIY Stump Grinding isn’t Only Ineffective, it’s Dangerous

If you are thinking of attempting DIY stump grinding, you might also be thinking that you are saving time and money, or the hassle of finding a stump grinding service you trust. But that’s not the case. Without the right knowledge or protection, DIY stump grinding can lead to property damage or injuries. For those reasons and more, here’s why you shouldn’t DIY and why you should hire a professional for your stump grinding needs.

You Can Injure Yourself

Just because you can rent a stump grinder doesn’t mean you should. Without the right protective gear and knowledge, DIY stump grinding can cause serious injuries. The powerful rotating wheels are made to cut through the bark and solid wood of a tree stump, so they can cut through almost anything. Professional stump grinders have the experience and training to handle stump grinders properly to keep them and others safe.

Along with mishandling the stump grinding machine, you can also injure yourself and others with flying debris from DIY stump grinding. A professional knows the area needs to be thoroughly cleared first. A stray rock, or another piece of debris, can fly up and injure the operator or someone else nearby. You can also cause injury by not filling the hole properly after. This could be an even bigger tripping hazard than the stump and can also be a hazard for lawn equipment.

Can Cause Property Damage

DIY stump grinding can not only cause injury to you, but it can also cause damage to your property. As mentioned, you can damage your lawn equipment by filling the hole improperly, but there are other ways DIY stump grinding can damage your property. If you don’t survey the area beforehand, you could potentially sever gas lines, water pipes, electrical lines, and other underground utility cables. A professional stump grinding service will survey the area beforehand and make sure to mark and avoid any utility lines.

What Our Professional Stump Grinding Services do For You

Why DIY stump grinding when you can have professionals do it right the first time? Our skilled team has the right equipment, the right knowledge, and years of experience to remove your tree stump safely and effectively. You can save yourself not only from injury but from wasting your time and money too. We take care of everything so you don’t have to.

How Our Stump Grinding Services Work

1. Before we begin stump grinding, we clear the area of any obstacles or debris.

2. Once the area is safe, we use a chainsaw to remove as much stump as possible to level it with the ground.

3. With the stump removed above ground, we can then go in with the stump grinder to grind away the stump. We use side-to-side and back-and-forth motions to remove the stump four to sixteen inches below ground.

4. Once the stump is underground, we fill and level the hole with soil.

5. Now your yard is ready to grow something new.

Benefits of Professional Stump Grinding


Efficient Removal

With our stump grinding service, you don’t have to wait for the entire stump to decompose, you can remove it now.


Restore Yard Health

By removing the stump, you also remove the root source of pests, dead grass, and disease.

Easy Disposal

Stump grinding turns the stump into mulch. We can clean it up and dispose of it for you or you can choose to use the mulch in your landscape.


Nourishment for Plants

With the stump gone, the roots no longer have access to nutrients. As they decay, they instead provide nourishment for surrounding plants.

Stay Safe and Hire the Professionals

A DIY stump grinding job can end up costing you more time and money for repairs and damages, so save yourself the hassle and hire us. With your stump out of the way, you now have a smooth foundation for a new addition to your yard. We can help you decide what comes next. For a consultation and free estimate, contact us for your professional stump grinding needs.

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