Your 5-Minute Guide on Which Flowers to Grow by Season

Your 5-Minute Guide on Which Flowers to Grow by Season

There are lots of reasons to love living in Florida, and gardening enthusiasts (whether brand-new or long-term) certainly have a big one: our state’s relatively warm year-round weather makes it possible to keep so many different kinds of flowers alive year-round. With that said, Florida’s weather (namely, its ultra-hot, ultra-wet summers and hurricane seasons) certainly pose their unique challenges to any garden. Today, we’re laying out a quick guide on which flowers to grow by season if you want your garden to thrive and look gorgeous year-round. Let’s get started!

Flowers to Grow in Spring

In states where all four seasons fully develop, springtime is an exciting time to be a gardener: it’s where the majority of your flowers will bloom, breathing new life into your space and setting the stage for the rest of the year. In Florida, mild winters make for a more subtle transition–but there are still plenty of plants that especially thrive between March and June here. These include:


Known for their lovely array of purple, pink, and white petals. Though these only bloom once in springtime, they contain hundreds of small flowers that make any garden stand out.


A Florida favorite, come in more than 20 varieties in the Sunshine State. They’re especially popular along the coastline and very beloved by bees.


Florida’s official wildflower, is a great option to add to your garden for a bright pop of color. Because they’re relatively small, they’re easy to incorporate into your space and make great companion plants.

Flowers to Grow in the Summer

Summer is one of the trickiest times of the year for Florida gardeners. With temperatures regularly in the 90s, near-daily rainstorms, and the threat of hurricane season right around the corner, it’s certainly not a time for the faint of heart. However, there are some sturdy, resilient flowers that absolutely thrive during Florida summers:


Which can grow as tall as 8 feet, are a great option for Florida summers, because they thrive in the heat and do perfectly well in shaded areas. They can also bloom in the spring.


Are native to the Arabian Peninsula and Northeast Africa, so they’re no strangers to unrelenting heat (in fact, they love it). These small white flowers complement virtually any garden design, making it a versatile and sturdy favorite that isn’t too high-maintenance.

Firecracker Flowers

Named for their bright orange blooms, are native to Central Asia and thus perfect for Florida’s constantly hot and humid summers. This plant does require some trimming and constant watering to thrive (but luckily, Florida’s climate should take care of the latter for you).

Flowers to Grow in the Fall

Fall–known by many Floridians as “extended, sometimes slightly cooler summer,” is a great time to plant versatile flowers that can withstand both warm temperatures and the occasional late-season chill. Here are some Florida-approved recommendations:


Coleuis is a staple of many a Florida lawn, and it’s not hard to see why. This plant’s deep, vibrant burgundy color makes it perfect for the autumn aesthetic (especially for Floridians who are desperate to make their 80-degree Octobers a little more festive).


Thrive at the end of summer, and since Florida’s fall is essentially an extended end of summer, these gorgeous yellow blooms are perfect for the season. (Not to mention that their hue vaguely resembles the yellowing autumn leaves that Floridians so rarely see in the wild.)


Geraniums and other traditionally “springtime” flowers tend to thrive during Florida’s fall, when mild temperatures are reminiscent of spring in other places. As a general rule of thumb, if it’s traditionally a “spring” flower, you can probably get away with seeing great results planting it during Florida’s mild autumn.

Flowers to Grow in the Winter

Florida’s winter charms residents and visitors alike, offering temperatures that rarely dip below the 50s and no snow to be seen. Though it makes for a slightly-less-festive holiday season, it also means that your garden will thrive where others in colder states will not. Here are some Florida-winter-friendly plants to consider:

Winter Jasmines

Winter Jasmines are perfect if you want your garden to look like a tropical haven year-round. Its vibrant yellow color makes it easy to forget the season (even on those rare days where sweaters are actually needed outside).


Geraniums are a common Florida garden fixture with their bright pink-and-red colors and long-lasting blooms. These flowers do great during Florida’s mild winters and last beautifully through the late spring.


Violas are a gorgeous option that thrives between November and May. Even if temperatures dip a little more than usual, this resilient little flower can more than hold its own.
We hope this has been a helpful guide as you ponder how to level up your garden for the coming seasons. We’re also happy to help you come up with a custom landscaping plan to make the garden of your dreams come true. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to set up a consultation with us.

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