Stump Grinding

A tree removal isn’t fully done until the stump is taken care of. Here’s why it matters–and why we’re the team to do it for you.

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Stump Grinding in Tampa Bay

The Forgotten Last Step of Tree Removal

Whether you’re preparing for a tree removal on your property, just had one done, or finally want to do away with that bothersome stump, the sooner you get rid of it, the better.

Side-effects of a Left-Behind Stump

Left-behind stumps are essentially what’s left of a dead tree and, if left unchecked, they can cause a host of issues for your property, including:

Drawing nutrients away from the other trees and plants on your property


Presenting obstacles to any new trees or growths on your property


Getting in the way of other plants’ roots


Lowering your home’s curbside appeal


Becoming a breeding ground for parasites


Causing members of your household to trip, fall, or otherwise get hurt

Stump Grinding in Tampa Bay

How Stump Grinding Works

Getting rid of an old stump is quick and easy when done by a trained professional. A special machine with a strong rotating blade demolishes the stump, grinding it down until it’s below ground level. This means that, over time, the following will happen:

Other plants will grow over it


Its root system will no longer have access to nutrients, causing it to die out over time


The left behind roots will nourish other plants as they decay, and they’ll no longer get in the way of new growth

Can I Just Do It Myself?

Just because you technically can doesn’t mean you should. Stump grinding can be ineffective at best–and very dangerous at worst–when not done by a professional. Between injuries from the powerful blade to longstanding damage to your yard, the possible headaches aren’t worth the trouble.

New Possibilities Around the Corner

Getting your stump professionally removed means laying the foundation for a new garden, smooth soil, or even a whole new fixture, like a fire pit or furniture section. From taking down your stump to helping you brainstorm what’s next, we’ve got your back.
Before Stump Grinding After Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding in Tampa Bay

Go with Progressive to Get Perfection

Our stump grinding services are expertly carried out from beginning to end so that you can enjoy your yard with peace of mind knowing that it’s as healthy as possible. Our attention to detail, world-class training, and top tier equipment are put to good use to make your property everything you want it to be.

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