Stump Grinding Services in Dunedin

Don’t let that old tree stump take up space in your yard. Trust our stump grinding services in Dunedin to restore your yard’s health and beauty.

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A New Life for Your Landscape

Ready to breathe new life into your yard? Say goodbye to those unsightly tree stumps dragging down your landscape’s potential. When you leave old stumps behind, they can put your yard’s health at risk and create hazards for you and your loved ones. Luckily, there’s a simple solution. With our professional stump grinding services in Dunedin, you can say goodbye to those stubborn stumps in no time, paving the way for a healthier and safer landscape. Let us show you how we can transform your outdoor space for the better.

Why You Need to Completely Remove That Old Stump

An old stump on your property can be more than an old eye sore. It can cause problems for you, others, and the health of your yard. These are just some ways that an old tree stump can cause problems for your property.

Draw nutrients away from nearby trees and plants


Decrease your home’s value


Attract unwanted pests or parasites


Cause damage to property, lawn equipment, yourself, or others


Prevent other plant roots from growing

stump grinding services in Dunedin

If you’ve noticed any of these effects happening to your yard, then it’s time for that old stump to go. You can trust our stump grinding services in Dunedin to completely remove your tree stumps and restore the health and safety of your yard.

The Dangers of DIY

While the DIY route may seem like the best option to save time and money, it’s anything but. Stump grinding presents unique challenges that make it less than ideal if you don’t have any previous experience. Operating a stump grinder requires precision and expertise due to its large size and powerful rotating blade. Using this machine comes with significant safety risks to both you and others in the vicinity that shouldn’t be overlooked.

While a stump grinder isn’t your sole DIY option, most other methods aren’t great alternatives. Each method comes with its own set of drawbacks. You can accelerate decomposition with chemical solutions or by applying salt, but it’s time-consuming and may harm surrounding plants or attract pests. Similarly, attempting to burn the stump is not recommended due to the risk of wildfires or personal injury.

 Working with professional stump grinders is the safest and most effective solution. Not only does it mitigate the risk of injury, but it also proves to be the most cost-efficient option when factoring in potential hazards and labor-intensive efforts. At Progressive Lawn and Landscaping, we specialize in safe and efficient stump removal, ensuring the job is done right the first time. Reach out to us to discover more about our stump grinding services in Dunedin for a free consultation.

How We Remove Your Leftover Tree Stumps

At Progressive Lawn and Landscaping, our team has years of experience removing all sizes and types of trees. There is no job we can’t handle with our removal method. Here is what you can expect from our stump grinding services in Dunedin.

Start with a Consultation

Before we begin the stump grinding process, we meet you at the property to survey the land. We make sure to mark any utility lines and the number of stumps and trees you need to be removed. Once we have an understanding of your property, we can give you an estimate of our services.
Before Stump GrindingAfter Stump Grinding

Our Stump Grinding Process

After your initial consultation, we will come out to take care of your tree stumps. You can count on our experienced technicians to show up on time with our top-of-the-line equipment and safety gear. Here is what you can expect next for our stump grinding services.

First, we secure the area by removing all obstacles and debris. If there are any stray rocks or twigs, they can get caught in the wheel and potentially fly up, hurting the operator or someone else nearby.

Once the area is clear, we use a chainsaw to level the stump. The closer the stump is to the ground, the faster and easier it will be for us to fully remove it with the stump grinder.

After the stump is leveled, we begin stump grinding. The stump grinder is a special machine with a strong rotating blade. One of our experts will lower this blade into the tree stump. Once it's secure in the stump, they will move it side-to-side and back and forth, turning the stump into mulch.

We continue grinding the stump down until it is below ground level. Generally, we grind it down until it’s four to sixteen inches below the surface. However, the depth it’s ground to will depend on its size.

Once the stump grinding is complete, we clean the area. We rather till the leftover wood pieces into the soil or use them as mulch in your garden.

After the area is clean, we fill the leftover hole with soil and add sod or seed over it. With the stump grinding complete, you now have a smooth foundation to grow something new.

stump grinding services in Dunedin
stump grinding services in Dunedin
stump grinding services in Dunedin

What Happens to the Stump After It’s Gone

With the stump gone, you’ll see the health of your yard start to return. Without the stump, the tree roots no longer have access to nutrients. Over time, the roots will die out and return their nutrients to the soil and surrounding plants. You can enjoy this cleared area in your yard to plant something new or add a new structural feature to your outdoor space. The possibilities are endless!

Other Services We Offer

Along with our stump grinding services in Dunedin, we offer a wide range of other landscaping services. You can combine any of the following services with our stump grinding for a total yard upgrade or to address any other problem areas in your yard.

Material Installation

stump grinding services in Dunedin
stump grinding services in Dunedin

Create Your Dream Yard

After removing the remnants of your old stumps, your yard becomes a blank canvas ready for you to build something new. Progressive Lawn and Landscaping is your partner in elevating and updating your landscape. We offer a comprehensive range of services to kickstart your fresh start along with our stump grinding services in Dunedin. You can count on us to provide clear communication, professionalism, and top-notch service. When it’s time to bring your dream yard to life, depend on our seasoned team and abundant resources for unparalleled results.

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